Introducing Playskool Play-Stow-Go: Easy, Convenient, and Educational Fun

Striking the balance between work and play is often a challenge for on-the-go parents.  That’s why smart preparation in the toy department can be a busy mother’s best friend. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, a plane ride, or an especially hectic afternoon, keeping your little one entertained is easier than ever with Playskool’s new line of simple, engaging, and skill-building toys.

With a name every bit as convenient as it sounds, Playskool’s Play-Stow-Go products are made for the modern mom. Collapsible and portable, Play-Stow-Go toys are designed to fit easily inside a stroller, diaper bag – and some even fit into a jacket pocket! Our favourite so far is the Pop-Up Shape Sorter, with its bright colours and convenient design.  It creates  fun for both baby and mom!

Another reason why we love the Play-Stow-Go line is simple: Playskool’s dedication to the development of fine motor skills and sensory play means that as our little ones are playing, they’re also developing integral life and learning skills. Like all Playskool toys, Play-Stow-Go products come in bright colours and a variety of shapes, which help kids practice matching and hand-eye coordination. They also aid in the development of fine motor movements through swatting, pressing and touching.

Play-Stow-Go products allow playtime to happen nearly anytime and anywhere – convenient for you, and beneficial for baby. Now that’s fun!

Click here to check out the full line of Playskool Play-Stow-Go products. Happy playing!

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Playskool, the opinions and language are my own.

You’re Pregnant… Now What?!

Twelve years ago, almost to the day, I became I mum. In the next 10 years I would enjoy three more pregnancies, and the birth of three babies. Each time the pregnancy test came back positive I was a little older and a little more educated on all that was involved in the adventure of growing a human. There are ups and there are downs. There is so much to know, to be excited about and of course to worry about.
As a new mom your most important resource of information are other moms. No one else will be as honest with you about their own experiences, as someone who has been through it themselves.
With my first baby I was the first of my friends to have a baby so my biggest concern was shopping. There were so many choices for strollers, carriers, diaper bags, cribs, clothes and more. I broke down one day because I didn’t feel ready for our baby, as in I hadn’t bought enough stuff. I shake my head writing this knowing now beautifully naive I was.
Six weeks after my son was born was the first meeting of my moms group. Eight complete strangers showed up at my house with their newborns and with only babies in common we shared our most intimate moments as moms. We braved snow storms to meet up, we were our own little village of support. Hearing the other moms’ stories very quickly made me realize just how naive and lucky I was with my boring pregnancy.
We talked of miscarriages, trying for years to conceive, nine months of morning sickness, tests, diabetes, genetic tests, who found out the sex of their baby and who waited for a surprise, everything.

The thought of becoming a parent for the first time, can feel very overwhelming. Here’s a great checklist of things to do once you begin that journey, think of it as a list from your first mom friend and please share it with any pregnant moms you may know.


I personally couldn’t wait until my babies arrived to find out their sex, so I love that with Panorama prenatal screening you can not only find our the sex of your baby as early as nine weeks gestation but you can also climb your family tree and do genetic testing without any risk to your baby. To find out more please visit

Read amazing stories of the Panorama babies or ask Panorama your questions on their Facebook page or on Twitter.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Seventh Generation – Spokesperson

ImageFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 24, 2014 

 Detox your home this spring

Tips and recommendations for a cleaner, greener life from Seventh Generation and Maureen Dennis

TORONTO, ON­ – Many health-conscious Canadians detox the body with organic foods, juice cleanses, and clean eating, but fewer realize that it is equally important to detox the home. There are thousands of chemicals of concern found in many products in and around the home. This means that most people are exposed daily to harmful toxins that have suspected links to cancer, birth defects and asthma.

Seventh Generation, a leading North American brand of environmentally responsible household and personal care products, is announcing a new collaboration with parenting expert Maureen Dennis to encourage Canadians to detoxify the air, surfaces, and materials in their living spaces.

Babies are exposed to as many as 300 chemicals of concern before they are even born – that is a staggering stat,” said Maureen Dennis. “Education is the best way to empower ourselves to make small changes to our daily habits. Making smarter and safer choices can help drive major change for ourselves, our families, and the planet.”

A mom of four, Dennis knows a thing or two about finding effective and affordable ways to create a healthy and happy living environment. Working closely with Seventh Generation, she’s established a series of educational and easy tips to help detoxify the home by eliminating harmful toxins. The tips, which are also recommended by Environmental Defence (Canada’s most effective environmental action organization) can be used by the whole family to lead a cleaner, greener life.    

Furthering their commitment to building a toxin-free generation, Seventh Generation will donate $0.50 per unit sold of any Seventh Generation product to Environmental Defence from today (April 24) through May 31, up to a total of $10,000. The partnership is fitting, as Seventh Generation was created to inspire a revolution to nurture the health of the next seven generations, by providing busy families with plant based, value-driven cleaning and baby care products. Environmental Defence, the organization that successfully advocated the banning of BPA in baby bottles and phthalates in children’s toys, educates Canadians about cancer-causing and hormone-disrupting chemicals they are exposed to every day.

This year, shake up your standard spring cleaning, detox your home by finding and fighting toxins, 7 STEPS FOR A DIY HOME DETOX

For more tips and recommendations from Maureen Dennis, visit For research and information from Environmental Defence, visit

About Seventh Generation:
Established in 1988, in Burlington, Vermont, Seventh Generation is one of the North America’s leading brands of household, baby, lifestyle and personal care products. The company lives its commitment to “caring today for seven generations of tomorrows,” by creating revolutionary product solutions that build new ways of caring for ourselves and the world around us.  A pioneer in corporate responsibility, Seventh Generation continually evaluates ways to reduce its environmental impact, increase product performance and safety, and create a more sustainable supply chain. Products are the vehicle, but far-reaching, genuine change is the mission.

To learn more about Seventh Generation products and business practices, or review Seventh Generation‘s Corporate Consciousness Report, visit

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Chevrolet Safe & Sure Car Seat Installation Workshops – Spokesperson & Marketing


Toronto, ON (February 17, 2014) –Children are our most precious cargo, but when parents don’t know proper car seat safety procedures, they put their children’s lives at risk on the roads. That is why Chevrolet is launching the national Safe and Sure Child Car Seat Installation Workshop Program, offering families expert advice on installing car seats into any make or model of vehicle for free.

Families and caregivers can sign up for the free workshops at  Sessions will begin at Chevrolet dealerships in Vancouver and Toronto in April 2014.  Dealerships in Montreal will begin offering the workshops in late spring 2014.  No matter what vehicle you drive, or the type of car seat you own, parents and caregivers can register online now for their free expert consultation.

“Safety has always been a priority for Chevrolet,” says Natalie Nankil, Public Relations Manager, Chevrolet. “Knowing that car seat safety has become such a concern, and that parents are looking for know-how and support, Chevrolet decided to help all drivers with the new Safe and Sure program.”

Chevrolet’s car seat installation workshops were piloted in Toronto during 2012 and 2013. The workshops received such overwhelmingly positive response from parents, grandparents, expectant parents and caregivers that Chevrolet is working with Parachute to now offer this program in three major cities.