On TV: Community Kindness During COVID-19

It’s officially Spring but the feeling of the season isn’t quit there yet, especially for the kids.  Parenting expert Maureen Dennis shares how to bring life back to your community with acts of kindness, exploration and donation that will in turn create memories and life lessons for your whole family.

1. Go on a Bear Hunt – Based on the book and song “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, our neighbourhood is putting teddy bears in their windows so that families walking around responsibly can have fun looking at the windows of the neighbourhood house for bears! 

2. Chalk the Walk – Many have taken to show their love and support for their community and medical professionals through inspirational messages written in chalk on their sidewalks and driveways. Maureen shares what this is not only important for families but also the community spirit.

3. Kindness Dare – Building Character with simple activities that you and your child can do as a family each day for a few minutes. Maureen shares example of Kindness Dares.

3. Spring Clean & Donate – There’s never been a better time to go through your closets and donate clothes, shoes and toys. Maureen shows you how to get your kids on board! Please do not drop off any donations until you check that they are being picked up, many are not due to COVID-19. Hang on to your donations until donation centers are allowed to accept your donations.

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