On TV: Working From Home + kids

Parenting expert Maureen Dennis shares her tips to make the most of the additional time off with the kids. From working from home to creative ways to keep the kids learning… Maureen has all the tricks that will help this time of social distancing be enjoyable and productive as possible for everyone!

1. Implementing a schedule and homeschooling, is it realistic? Facebook is full of suggestions, Maureen shares her tips on balancing fun and learning while still staying sane.

2. Working from home reality – Maureen has worked from home for 16 years with four kids and shares her top tips on how to make it work.

3. Lemons into Lemonade – Making due with what you have, keep it simple, fun and as stress free as possible. Balancing work and play is hard but not impossible, Maureen shows how to get it all done in a day.

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