On TV: Celebrating Earth Day at Home

Parenting expert Maureen Dennis introduces a new found appreciation for our planet with teachable moments the kids will surely learn from.

1. New Respect – With trips out of the house, few and far between, especially for kids many families are getting creative on how to use the things they have more responsibility. Maureen shows how to make the most of what you have and make it actually fun too!

2.  New Routines – Life at home may feel like we all have a new normal, and in many cases those changes are for the better. Maureen’s family has made a few changes while in quarantine that might just be their new normal. 

3. New World – The world we “left” weeks ago has already changed, with nature reviving in some places, with us missing travel and with so little contact with others. Distance learning has been a BIG adjustment for families around the world. From connecting to each other in our homes, through technology and even with nature. Maureen shares ways to admire the new world with your kids.

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