Wee Welcome: Back to School with a Smile

Parents across Canada and around the world are stressing over the idea of sending their kids back to school – from new safety measures to distances learning, the options are nerve-racking. Parenting expert and mom of 4 Maureen Dennis has a plan to make the rest of the summer filled with fun ways to spend the last month and stress-free leading into the new school year.
1. New Normal – Keeping as much of your life as “normal” as possible right now can help in this challenging time.We have used a Good to Go list for years, but this year it has a few new items on it. The list keeps the morning nagging to a minimum and keeps kids on track. The Good to Go list can be placed in a picture frame in their room as a reminder of what their new normal essentials are.

2. Get Ready – Going back or staying home, we can still make the process of getting ready for back to school fun. Bedtimes are going to be rough in many households this fall. It’s time to make sleep a priority and also exciting my doing a bed refresh. From a quality pillow, to a weighted blanket, getting ready for bed has never been more fun.

3. Keep It Fun – It is a very stressful time so how do we stay positive and excited for our kids? It won’t be easy but it is very import to keep a smile on our faces and to keep up the family quality time and fun we have enjoyed over the last few months. From regular movie nights to family bikes rides, make sure the fun stays in the family as we head back to school.

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