Messy Moments

As a mum of four Maureen Dennis, parenting and lifestyle contributor, knows all too well how stressful it can be to let kids get messy. From arts and crafts to helping in the kitchen it is important to encourage kids to be creative. Maureen will share helpful mom hacks for those messy moments.

1. Creative Play – Paint, play-dough, glitter these sound like a ton of fun to kids but they make a lot of moms cringe because of the mess they make. As a mum of four Maureen knows all too well how hard it can be to let kids be creative in arts and crafts but she has also learned the benefits and the best hacks for keeping the mess to a minimum.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Play – As the weather begins to warm up we can start to get excited about spring and getting messy in the garden. Maureen has a fun and easy way for kids to start their garden before spring!

3. Kitchen Play – Kids in the kitchen can be stressful, but the messy moments you share are important teachable moments. Maureen will share why it’s important to include “kitchen play” with your kids and has some fun ideas on how to teach your children while they are having fun.

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