WeeWelcome.ca provides new parents with the tools to have a baby and a life. Find local baby welcoming places to go with baby in tow, find a group to hang out with, share your adventures in your own blog, enjoy local events and enter to win , rate and comment on fantastic gear to make it all easier and fun!

wee welcome feature

To that end we are:

– Shining a light on baby-welcoming locations through our online guide

– Helping moms, dads, caregivers and grandparents connect through our group community

– Providing no-crap, original articles that don’t pander

Leading events that make sure you get out and have a good time

– Making having a baby and a life easier and more fun with our gear+

– Hosting fun contests to win fabulous prizes

– Encouraging everyone to start their own blog to share their adventures

And that’s just the beginning.

We’re working to create a more baby-welcoming society, where moms breastfeed longer, are more connected to other new parents, and are busy, active and happier. Happy moms and dads make for happy babies.

Wee Welcome is a mom-powered organization. That means we opt to work with women-with-children. As baby-welcoming company, we have a team that’s committed to the cause. It makes for some very interesting conference calls.

So, grab your stroller and diaper bag (don’t forget the wipes), and join us. We’re with you every step of the way.

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